Week number / topics
Deliverables for all students
additional honors work

Week 1 - Introduction & Forces

Levers, Center of Gravity, Adding Forces

Sign poster (Lucera & Andrew)

Paper Model #1 (from Rob Ives site).

Create a poster (11 x 17 inces, 150 dpi, 1 inch margins for text) that explains your favourite sign.

Create a static paper model from robives.com (Andrew will print one for you)

Create your own paper model using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

Complete the follwing work on Forces


None this week

Week 2 - Motion

Acceleration, F = ma, momentum

Paper Model #2

Complete a moving paper model from the Rob Ives website that uses a mechanism to move.

Sign and return the course syllabus by Friday.



Week 3 - More on Motion

Newton's Laws of Motion

Paper Model #2


Week 3 - Energy in Motion

Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy

Paper Model #2