Quantum Mechanics EXPLAINED.....

The following expanations were provided by my Semester 2 Quantum Physics Class.

Click on each link to see the work (Flash required!)

Photoelectric Effect:

Richard Hill, Rostam Zafar, Lia Benshop
Daniel Schultheis and Carlos McCraw
Eric Broude and JesseLawrence
Sean Guinn & Katie McAllister


Heisenberg Uncertainty Priciple:

Merlin Gunn-Cicero and Ricky Gonzales


The Compton Effect:

Katie McAllister and Alex Albrecht
Daniel Schultheis and Jesse Lawrence
Jon Smith and Alex Dodge
Eric Broude, Lia Benscop and Carlos McCraw
Derek Gudino and Isiah Inge


Atomic Spectral Lines:

Alex Dodge, Alex Albrecht and Chris Richardson


DeBroglie Waves:

Rostam Zafar and Ben Lewis

The photonic nature of light

Derek Gudino and Isiah Inge