In this project, students designed and created three dimensional street art.At the design stage students made use of technology in order that they could be sure that their design would work. First, students researched a location on google maps. They then created a 3D model of their design using Google SketchUp. By using Photoshop they superimposed their design in Sketchup onto a photograph of the sidewalk they took using the built in camera on a laptop computer. In this way they could make a mock-up of how design would look when completed. All the computer work was done on laptop computers supplied by a Qualcomm wireless reach grant. Students were able to work on their designs outside of the class time, freeing up time during the school day to transfe the designs to the ground.

The "collage views" are shown below:

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The design was then traced onto a piece of clear Plexiglas which students stood behind to see how the design would project onto the ground.

The first step was to create an outline in chalk, which could then be colored in. Students used laser pointers to mark important points on the ground and marked straight lines with string.

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Next the design was colored. When viewed from the correct angle the 3D effect is apparant. The whole project took 5 class periods, with the majority of time being spent outdoors.
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