What was covered
What was assigned and what is due

Unit 1: Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

1.1 The slope of a line.

1.2 Plotting lines that are parallel

1.3 Plotting perpendicular lines

1.4 Definitions

Notes:[1.1], [1.2], [1.3], [1.4]

Lecture Slides: Unit 1 PowerPoint


Create an account for yourself at and create an avatar that suits your personality. Use the enrolment key "2011". Due Monday.

On the online site you will find the homework assignments. You need to complete Homework 1.1 through 1.3 in preparation for this weeks quiz.

Go to and click on "Geometry on the left. Choose your favorite teacher and watch a few of his or her videos on Angles and on Parallel lines.

Unit 2: Angles

2.1 Angles about a point and a line

2.2 Angles inside a triangle and quadrilateral

2.3 Vertical angles

2.4 Alternate interior angles

Notes:[2.1], [2.2], [2.3], [2.4]

Lecture Slides: Unit 2 PowerPoint


Make a page on your DP that mirrors this page. For each of the units covered I want you to:

  • List the topics studied in the first column.
  • Make a 1-2 page summary on paper and scan it in. Post a link in column 2.

Complete Homework 2 and take the pre-test quiz at the online course site.

Unit 2: Axioms, Postulates and Theorems

2.1 Basic Axioms of Euclidean Geometry

2.2 Inductive and Deductive Reasoning

2.3 Using a compass

2.4 Basic compass constructions

Notes:[2.1], [2.2], [2.3], [2.4]

Lecture Slides: Unit 2 PowerPoint


Unit 3: Compass Constructions

3.1 Using a compass and straight edge

3.2 Construction of geometric shapes

3.3 Angle Bisectors

3.4 Bisecting a line

Notes:[3.1], [3.2], [3.3], [3.4]

Lecture Slides: Unit 3 PowerPoint



Unit 4: Triangle Geometry

4.1 Congruent triangles

4.2 Ways of proving congruence

4.3 SSS postulate

4.4 SAS postulate

Notes:[4.1], [4.2], [4.3], [4.4]

Lecture Slides: Unit 4 PowerPoint


Unit 5: Triangle Congruence

5.1 Proving congruence with ASA

5.2 Side Side Angle and Hypotenuse Leg

Notes:[5.1], [5.2], [5.3], [5.4]

Lecture Slides: Unit 5 PowerPoint



Notes:[6.1], [6.2], [6.3], [6.4]

Lecture Slides: Unit 5 PowerPoint

Exhibition night is Wednesday December 9th . Semester one Final will be the following week.