What was covered
What was assigned and what is due

Week 1: Exponents and Polynomials

  • Number sense
  • Exponents and Scientific Notation
  • Barbie Bungee (data collection stage)
  • Adding subtracting and multiplying polynomials
  • FOIL and expanding polynomials

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Log in to my online math course at Use the enrolment key "2011" and create an avatar that suits your personality. Have a look around and make your first post on the online forum. Due Wednesday.

On the online site you will find the homework assignments. You need to complete Homeworks 1, 2 and 3 on polynomials. If you need to review polynomials you can watch these video lessons. Complete all online homework By Next Monday

You will receive a copy of the syllabus this week. On it there is the option to sign up for honors. This must be signed and returned By The End Of Next Week.

Week 2: Dividing Polynomials

  • Dividing Factored Polynomials
  • Long Division of Polynomials
  • Weeks 1 & 2 Review

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Week 3: Factoring

  • Common Factors and Factoring by Grouping
  • Factoring Quadratics when a = 1
  • Factoring Quadratics when a ≠ 1
  • Cubics and other special forms

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Week 4: More on Factoring

  • General Strategies for factoring
  • Solving Quadratics by Factoring

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Week 5: Rational Expressions and Equations

Simplifying Rational Equations (R.E.s)

Multiplication and Division of R.E.s

Addition & Subtraction of R.E.s

Graphing and Solving R.E.s

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Week ?: Functions and Their Graphs

4.1 Plotting Linear Functions

4.2 The Concept of a Function

4.3 Slope of a Line and Area Under Graph

1.4 Modeling with functions

Notes:[4.1], [4.2], [4.3], [4.4]

Lecture Slides: Unit 4 PowerPoint


Unit 5: Systems Of Linear Equations

5.1 Solving Systems Graphically

5.2 Solving by Substitution

5.3 The method of elimination (adding)

5.4 Solving for more than 2 variables

Notes:[5.1], [5.2], [5.3], [5.4]

Lecture Slides: Unit 5 PowerPoint


Unit 6: Inequalities in 1 and 2 Variables

6.1 Solving Linear Inequalities in 1 variable

6.2 Inequalities with Absolute Value

6.3 Graphing Inequalities in 2 variables

1.4 Linear Programming.

Notes:[5.1], [5.2], [5.3], [5.4]

Lecture Slides: Unit 5 PowerPoint


Unit 7: Roots, Radicals & Complex Numbers



Notes:[5.1], [5.2], [5.3], [5.4]

Lecture Slides: Unit 5 PowerPoint

Exhibition night is Wednesday December 9th . Semester one Final will be the following week.