The "Why?" of new Schools.  


This video is intended to challenge assumptions about how schools should look.


 The "How?" of New Schools.

Choosing a location (2:23)

Thinking about where a school should be located. What is the local demography? What transportation links are available?


History of Education.


Plessy v Ferguson (1:11)

In 1892 the Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling allowing segregation along race lines, under te doctrine of "Separate but Equal".


Brown v Board of Education (1:11)

In 1956 The Supreme court overturned the 1892 "Separate but Equal" decision and paved the way for integration of schools.



Project Based Learning (PBL) in Education  

PBL in math class

High Tech High teacher Amy Callahan explains her reasons for using a PBL appoach to learning mathematics.