Jesse Wade Robinson
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Jesse with students in lab coats and goggles.

Hi! My name is Jesse Wade Robinson. I grew up in San Diego, and moved to Santa Cruz, California for college. At UCSC, I completed a degree in Molecular Cellular Developmental Biology. After college and traveling extensively in South America, I returned to San Diego, where I reside today.

There I earned my teaching credential from San Diego State University and began teaching and learning at High Tech High (HTH). I have enjoyed teaching at HTH for the past twelve years. I currently teach biology and supervise students on internship at HTH.

I love teaching and learning and feel like I have found my calling. I am passionate about science, education, and creating positive change in our communities. In the past few years I have spent much of my free time exploring these passions. I completed my MA in Education at UCSD in 2008. I have traveled to different parts of the United States and abroad to teach educators about Project Based Learning.

In my spare time I like to swim, run, read, and spend time with my family.

Jesse surfing a huge wave.

Jesse surfing in Indonesia

Jesse, Aaron, and Cove Robinson

Jesse and her husband, Aaron, and son, Cove