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Tour of the Cell Video Project

How is a cell’s structure related to it’s function?

Project Description: In this project students will choose a type of cell that they would like to study. Then they will research the outer morphology and the internal structure (organelles) of that type of cell.  Then students will research the special functions of this cell and make connections between the cells structure and function. Students will then write a script and animate a tour of their cell using multimedia software such as After Effects.

Cell video images.

Click on the image to view samples of student work

Project Benchmarks:

Date Class Activity
9/2 Bio Observe different cells under the microscope. Identify different types of cells.
9/3 Bio Choose a type of cell to model. Decide what they want to know about their cell type.
9/7 Multimedia Search online and in books for specific information about the form and function of their cell type. Complete the cell research guide. Gather information and images. Have MLA citations.
9/8 Bio Write their first draft of their script and critique.
9/8 Multimedia Create cell model.
9/9 Bio Write their second draft of their script and critique.
9/9 Multimedia Critique and revise cell model.
9/10 Bio Revise their final draft of the script.
9/10 Multimedia Make final revisions to cell model.
9/13 Multimedia Record their voiceover.
9/14 Multimedia Sync Animation with voiceover in After Effects.
9/15 Multimedia Add Music.
9/16 Multimedia Revise video.
9/20 Bio and Multimedia Share products. Reflect on the value and problems with using models in science.