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Elections Project

What are the main issues surrounding the elections?

Students hold up Obama signs outside the Democratic Office of Chula Vista

Students campaign for Obama on Election Night, November 4th, 2008.

Project Description:


Students researched one of four main issues of the presidential election: the economy, the War in Iraq, health care, and global climate chage. Students found existing data on these topics, and then analyzed the data in order to answer a new question. Next, students wrote scientific reports documenting their findings. After better understanding of the data behind these controversial issues, students analyzed the political policies of John McCain and Barack Obama. They presented their findings to the public at a voter education event. On Election Day, students went out into the community and either volunteered for a political party or candidate, or volunteered at their local polling station.


Research and Report Rubric
Issue Analysis Form
Analyzing Your Question
Elections Project Rubric

Election Presentation
POL Presentation Roles

Content Covered:

Foreign Policy
Iraq War
Global Climate Change

Long Division/Graphing

Global Climate Change
The Greenhouse Effect
The Carbon Cycle

Click below to view student work-
Danielle Smotrich and Bita Tarani (Assisted Living)

Rachel Liuzzi, Bart Cordero and Austin Jones (Sea Levels Poster)


Student calls voters in the Democratic Office of Chula VistaStudents watch the election results come in at the House of Blues  
A student phones voters and reminds them to vote at The Democratic Office of Chula Vista.   Students watch the election results at the San Diego House of Blues, where volunteers for the Democratic Party gathered.