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Inquiry Biology Museum Exhibits- Students will design inquiry biology exhibits for the Fleet Science Center


Pollinators in Peril- Students will design and conduct experiments to determine how bees respond to predators.

Student in bee suit.


Laboratory Techniques Videos for Non-profit Sciencebridge- Students made laboratory techniques videos Sciencebridge, a non-profit that helps K-12 teachers implement university science into their classrooms.

Students looking at bacteria on a petry dish.

Tour of the Cell Video Project- Students chose a type of cell, researched that cell type and created a tour of the cell video.


San Dieguito Estuary Native Plant Rehabilitation Project- Students designed conducted and carried out experiments on how to best restore native plants in the San Dieguito Estuary.

Biodiversity Project-Students investigate a phylum of organisms that they are interested and create a hands-on laboratory that teaches their peers about that phylum of organisms.

Laboratory station created by students showing mollusk specimens


Infection Outbreak Project-There are four mysterious deaths in the San Diego County Border Region. Students must identify the pathogen, trace it's path of infection, recommend treatments for patients with the disease, and propose methods for preventing the spread of infection.

Photo of students doing ELISA

Elections Project- Students educated the community on the following topics: healthcare, economy, climate change, and The Iraq War.  On Election Day, students went out into the San Diego community to work for different parties as volunteers..

photo of students holding up Obama campaign signs


Forensics Project-A crime has occurred at High Tech High and the students must solve it using forensic science.

Photo of Crime Scene


Maritime Project- Students created a three month exhibit for The San Diego Maritime Museum, Navigating through the Ages. Students displayed digital drawings of historic ships, naturalist drawings and sextants.

Photo of Tall Ship