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Maritime Project Description
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Our nation is steeped in maritime history and influence, and in fact, maritime travel and culture have shaped every aspect of our modern world. Over the course of this semester we will study the many areas of maritime influence including Charles Darwin's voyage on The Beagle, evolutionary biology, cartography, celestial navigation, marine science, maritime archetypal characters while learning about American History through the lens of U.S. Naval engagements from the American Revolution through WWII.

In an effort to create a truly integrated educational experience, we will unite all of our knowledge in the creation of a Captain’s log book that will illustrate mathematic equations, scientific discoveries and analytic and creative writing about your experiences during an historic voyage.

Our project includes several unique and exciting opportunities. At the beginning of the Maritime project, our class will take a day-long fieldtrip to the San Diego Maritime Museum, on the water downtown. During this time we will begin learning about the extensive history and influence of maritime culture and will take a close look at how the museum displays their information. Why? Because, in an unprecedented move, our team of students at HTH will partner with the San Diego Maritime Museum to create displays for a special exhibit on Maritime history, culture and influence.

Our team will host our Fall Exhibition on the historic Tallship The Star of India in December and our displays will remain on exhibit and open to the public at the SD Maritime Museum for three months!! As part of the Fall Exhibition, you will choose an historic time period spanning from the Golden Age of Piracy to World War II, research voyages that took place during that time period and specific people who took part in the voyage. Individually, you will write an historic voyage research paper. In groups you will choose a ship from that time period and create a professional looking design of that ship using 2D AutoCAD. You will also be acting as a Naturalist and researching, “identifying” and illustrating a new species of marine animal that you may have come across on your voyage. And, you will also be putting your mathematical skills to the test by mapping out voyages using longitude and celestial navigation, as well as learning to use the traditional devices of sailing navigation and constructing your own working Sextant!

Each of these pieces of the project, among others, will be captured in your very own Captain’s Log and all of these will be part of the Exhibition Night display at the SD Maritime Museum, where you will present them to family, friends, and the public in a period costume that authentically reflects the time of your historic journey.

Prior to this, in November, our team will become working crew on a 3 day, 2 night trip onboard the three-masted Tallship Tole Mour, on which we will sail from Long Beach to Catalina Island. On board we will raise the sails, navigate the ship, study local ocean life and habitats, learn the history of sailing, snorkel and participate in several other exciting activities!

As you can see, we have a very full semester ahead of us and it will require that we work together, remain focused and help each other stay organized. Please help one another, and our entire team, be successful by meeting each and every deadline and clearly communicating with each other and your teachers.

Anchors Away!