Inquiry & Design


Inquiry and Design
* Develop curricula, policies, and learning environments based on the HTH design principles.
* Draw upon students' diverse backgrounds and learning styles to enhance teaching and learning.
* Conduct scholarly inquiry that enriches practice and contributes to the larger educational community.

Action Research Project

I tracked and anlyzed the fall 2008 semester of the HTH internship program. I then developed my own research-based curricula and implemented in in the spring 2009 semester. Throughout this process, I listened to and read what students communicate about the relationship between school and work in an effort to continue to improve my practices in the classroom.

Ampersand: The student journal of school & work

Throughout the course of the spring 2009 semester, my students created a 226 page book that was inspired by their ventures into the adult world. All of mystudents contributed what they deemed to be their best work, which included interviews, articles, reflections, narratives, photo essays, editorials, art pieces and more. Student contributions also ranged from work that directly connected in a literal sense to their everyday experiences at internship to pieces that were inspired by specific elements of the adult world that are intriguing. The book sold out in 24 hours and is entering it's second printing as of June 2009. The hard copy of Ampersand is availabe in my office or in the HTH GSE offices.

Media Saves the Beach

Throughout the first semester, my students worked in partnership with our Biology class to analyze and document the health of our local coastal ecosystems. Students took data they generated in Biology to my humanities class and approached this information from a variety of journalistic perspectives. Watch a video about Media Saves the Beach here. View the UnBoxed card about Media Saves the Beach here.